Part 3: 3rd Molar Surgery for GPs

2-Day In-Office Personal Mentoring

A clinician experienced with third molar surgery is in your office for 2 days at your disposal, “over the shoulder”, assisting you do surgery or him/her doing surgery with you assisting…you decide. How do you learn better? You schedule up to 8-12 cases of third molars (your patients) for the 2 days. Most of the production will be used to pay for the training you receive.



What to Expect

  • Radiographs are reviewed in advance with the instructor via internet.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Complete at least Third Molar Surgery, Part 1 (2-day course).
    • Have at least two sets of the required instruments (same or similar to the Koerner Kit)
  • Patients are in a comfortable and trusted environment
  • 8-12 patients in 2 days.
  • You decide how it is configured.
  • Gain more experience, confidence, and speed.
  • Affordable
  • Register with enough lead time for mentor to confirm license and insurance if necessary.