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Give Your Patients More of What They Want and Expect From Your Dental Practice

Today’s general dentists know that in order to build a thriving practice and increase patient loyalty, they need to provide their patients with more of the services they want and expect.

Your dental patients want:

  • Outstanding patient service
  • Good value
  • Convenient care

Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction (KCSI) was founded by Dr. Karl Koerner, a general dentist who has been educating his peers on dentoalveolar surgery for more than 25 years. Throughout his career as a clinician, author and educator, Dr. Koerner recognized the need for a truly comprehensive oral surgery training program geared toward general dentists. Many general dentists cobble together their own training through attending a myriad of day and weekend courses, hoping to achieve proficiency. This method leaves a gap in the educational experience and inhibits true proficiency in the art and science of dental surgery. KCSI equips general dentists to meet the oral surgery needs of their patients with safety, efficiency, and confidence.

KCSI dentoalveolar surgery certification enables general dentists to deliver what patients want from their general dental provider.

Build Your Dental Practice in New Ways

Extractions and surgeries are significant practice builders. They have a substantial ROI and the lowest overhead of all dental procedures.


Need a Speaker for your Dental Organization?

If you are seeking an instructor for a dental organization, be it AGD, state dental assn., DSO, or local study club – feel free to get in touch with us. You may want to talk to Dr. Koerner. Participants will receive PACE CE credit plus credit towards credentialing with the Koerner Institute.

Getting Started Today is Easy!

Start earning your credentials at the Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction by attending selected events taught by KCSI instructors. You can also earn credentials from KCSI online classes.