Participation in the following online course modules:

Each module includes: video lecture, demonstrations, instructor led discussions within cohort groups, reading assignments, and mastery assessments.

Module 1

Health of the patient pre-operatively

Module 2

Handling medical emergencies – prevention and management

Module 3

Review of general surgical principles

Module 4

Wound healing

Module 5

Infections and antibiotics related to exodontia

Module 6

Using the most effective instruments for oral surgery

Module 7

Review of basic, current extraction techniques.

Module 8

Review of more sophisticated surgical principles (surgical extractions)

Module 9

Learning how do “easier” third molar impactions

Module 10

How to manage the patient postoperatively

Module 11

Handling extraction complications

Module 12

Medico-legal complications with exodontia

Module 13

Multiple extractions and management of the alveolar ridge

Demonstrate knowledge from handouts and articles for all course materials.

Comprehensive online proctored test with minimum passing grade of 90%.


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