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Basic Implantology for the General Dentist – Full Program

January 26, 2022 3:22 pm Published by

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Basic Implantology for the General Dentist Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Implantology 1 (February 18-19, 2022): In-Person Attendee

2 Hours Online Webinar | 14 Hours Live In-Person with Hands-On Model Work at Roseman University

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Implantology 2 (March 11-12, 2022): In-Person


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Implantology 3 (April 8-9, 2022): In-Person Attendee


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Nearly all general dentists restore some implants and many would like to place the easier implants, like those in the posterior, single implants (about 70% of them), and those in the anterior without serious esthetic challenges. This series enables general dentists to identify or help create sites with sufficient bone, establish an appropriate treatment plan, place implants optimally for a good prosthetic outcome, and then successfully restore them– while applying established evidence-based surgical and restorative protocols.

After this course, you will be proficient with basic implant placement and restoration of single sites both anterior and posterior.

Meet Our Instructors


Dr. Jeffery Jensen

Board Certified Periodontist
KCSI Instructor

Jordan Davis, DDS

KCSI Instructor

Karl Koerner, DDS, MS

Oral Surgery for the GP
KCSI Director


Roseman University of Health Sciences – Utah Campus
10920 S River Front Pkwy
South Jordan, UT 84095


Home2 Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City/South Jordan, UT (3-star hotel, Price range: ~$100)

10704 S River Front Pkwy
South Jordan, UT 84095
(801) 446-8800

From the Salt Lake City International Airport to Roseman University, the distance is 22 min (21.1 mi).

This hotel is within walking distance from Roseman University.

Recommended nearby restaurant: Tsunami


Additional Information



CE Hours



This course is open to all dentists, however we strongly suggest a working proficiency in basic oral surgery and surgical extractions. Those who would benefit from surgery training are invited to participate in the Introduction to Surgical Extractions course, prior to implementing the instruction provided in this course. If you are purchasing the full Basic Implantology for the General Dentist series, then Introduction to Surgical Extractions will be included with your package. If you are enrolling in each course individually, or only one course in the series, then you will want to enroll in the Introduction to Surgical Extractions course.

Introduction to Surgical Extractions

Instructor: Karl Koerner, DDS, MS

Introduction to Surgical Extractions (Online) is the lead-in course to many of KCSI’s more advanced surgical instruction programs. Participants in this course can expect to gain a deeper understanding about case selection, patient evaluation, surgical techniques and protocols, preventing and responding to surgical complications, and more. This course equips general dentists to master office dental surgery and to make it easier, more predictable, efficient and more profitable. KCSI recommends this course for all participants in our Basic Implantology for the General Dentist series. We recommend it especially for those who do not feel confident enough in their surgical aptitude/experience to immediately implement the concepts and protocols taught in the dental implant series. This course features 8 hours of online instruction. The course focuses on these topics:

  • Five “Must Have” Surgery Instruments
    • Luxator/Periotome Bur Combination
    • Alternative to the “Surgical Highspeed” when needed
    • Spear Point System
    • Mini-Cryers
    • Cogswell B/Purchase Points
  • Bleeding with Extractions
    • Hemostatic Management, Case Studies, PT
    • Case Studies, Hemostatic Agents, Dental Literature
    • Case Studies, Emergency Protocols, Plavix/Pradaxa vs. Coumadin, Herbal Supplements and Bleeding
  • Bone Grafting for Socket Preservation
    • Introduction
    • Socket Grafts and Periosteal Release
    • Failures, Healing Process, & Grafting Materials
    • Ridge Augmentation & Adjunctive Bone Grafting Supplies
  • Multiple Extractions – Steps to Prevent Patient Pain and Other Problems
    • Introduction
    • Treatment Sequence
    • Alveoplasty Procedure
    • Exostosis
    • Frenectomy
  • Flaps and Sutures for Routine Exodontia
    • Flaps
    • Sutures
  • Extracting Single Rooted Teeth
  • Extracting Difficult Lower Molars
  • Why Do Canine Extractions Have to Be So Difficult?
    • Introduction and General Techniques
    • Bone Removal Considerations
    • Techniques for Root Tip Removal
  • Taking the mystery out of Sectioning Molars

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