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Third Molar Surgery: 2-Day In-Office Personal Mentoring

November 21, 2019 9:59 am Published by


A Koerner Center certified instructor/clinician, experienced with third molar surgery supports you in your office for two days. The KCSI instructor provides “over the shoulder” assistance while you do the surgery, or the instructor doing surgery while you assist. All in your practice at your direction. You schedule up to 8-12 cases of third molars (your patients) for the two days. Your practice receives the patient fees, which offset the cost of this course.


The details:

  • Radiographs are reviewed in advance with the instructor via internet.
  • Patients are in a comfortable and trusted environment
  • Procedures on 8-12 patients in the two days.
  • You determine who leads and who assists
  • Gain more experience, confidence, and speed.
  • Affordable. Production fees usual cover the cost of instruction
  • Mentor needs to obtain a license and insurance to work in your state (we already may have mentors with these qualifications)



  • Complete at least Third Molar Surgery, Part 1 (2-day course).
  • Have at least two sets of the required instruments (same or similar to the Koerner Kit)

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