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Surgical Introductory Course

July 12, 2018 3:47 pm Published by


Dr. Koerner’s Introduction to Surgery;  online and on-demand. You will have immediate access to this online course upon enrollment.

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Complete Online KCSI Introductory Course

Surgical Extractions                                                         2.5 hours

  1. Introduction, Models, “How to do Better”
  2. Level of Competence, When to Refer
  3. “Standard from the Past”, Avoiding Opioids
  4. Case Study – 27-Year-Old Woman
  5. Step-by-Step Extraction (Steps 1-4)
  6. Step-by-Step Extraction (Steps 5-6)
  7. Instruments for Apically Extracting
  8. Alternatives to the Luxator and Periotome Bur
  9. Closing the Knowledge Gap Between Dentists and Oral Surgeons
  10. The Most Effective Instruments for Surgery: Basic
  11. Ways to Organize and Sterilize, Burs for Oral Surgery
  12. Sectioning a Tooth
  13. Suction Tips, Quality Aspirators
  14. Flaps and Sutures
  15. Evaluating for CR, Malpractice

The Maxillary Sinus and Tooth Extractions                1 hour

  1. Detecting and Treating a Sinus Perforation
  2. Exposed Sinus Membrane
  3. Preventing Tuberosity Fractures
  4. Sectioning Maxillary Molars, Risks with CPAP Devices
  5. Sinus Closure with Bone Grafting

Moderate Third Molar Surgery Impactions                 1 hour

  1. Emphasis on Youth Patients
  2. Steroid Precautions
  3. Ideal Case for the General Dentist
  4. Tooth is Gone, Now What?
  5. Dry Socket, Subperiosteal Abscess
  6. Instruments for Upper Impactions

Multiple Extractions and Related Concerns                 .5 hour

  1. Removal of Multiple Teeth Alveoplasty
  2. Alveoplasty Procedure, Part 1
  3. Alveoplasty Procedure, Part 2

Bisphosphonates                                                                .5 hour

  1. MRONJ Symptoms & Medications
  2. Risks & Procedures, Staging & Tx Strategies
  3. Extractions, Case Studies

Oral Cancer                                                                          .75 hour

  1. Biopsies on Oral Lesions
  2. Malignant Oral Lesions, Change in Trends, Emerging Risk Factors
  3. Screening Devices, OralPath Dx, Case Studies

Incision and Drainage                                                        .75 hour

  1. Infections, Notes from Dr. Alonge
  2. Buffering Local Anesthetics
  3. Drug Information Handbook, Antibiotics
  4. Case for Conservatism, Drain & Compress
  5. Q&A

Bone Grafting for Socket Preservation                            1 hour

  1. When to Graft?
  2. Collagen Membranes
  3. Codes
  4. PRF, Other Methods of Grafting Implants & Anti-biotics

CE Hours: 8  hrs


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