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Third Molar: Shadow Surgery

November 21, 2019 8:47 am Published by


See and feel the flow of third molar impaction surgery in a dental office for a day.
It’s one thing to have learned how to take out impacted third molars. It’s another to do it efficiently one case after another. Many who are not that experienced may be stuck in time-wasting habits that cut their efficiency and
productivity. This course allows the rare look into the heart of a “system” that is
time-tested to cut through common problems and streamline your protocols. This is part 2  of the Koerner Center’s 3 part Third Molar Extraction Certificate Program


In part 2 of the Third Molar Extraction certificate courses you will shadow a Koerner Center certified instructor through a day of surgical extractions of third molars. You will  visit the Instructors facility on a day that is mutually convenient to you and to the instructor.  For your convenience, there are instructors in different parts of the country and you will be matched to the instructor closest to you. 

Upon registration you will be contacted by a coordinator from the Koerner Center to schedule your participation in the Shadow Surgery program.

In Part 2 you will:

  • Shadow a dental surgeon(GP who does only surgery) for a day as he/she
    treats surgery patients (doing mostly third molars).
  • See the flow, the interaction with the host office, how they schedule,
    who does what regarding post-op problems
  • Participate in case selection, how and when they
    review radiographs, methods of sedation (if used) 
  • Learn how to manage  medical emergencies
  • Observe and assist in the surgical techniques of a dentist highly experienced in dental surgery 
  • Experience the use of the pre- and post-op forms and protocols
  • Enjoy hands-on experience with the instruments, equipment, and supplies are necessary to dental surgery
  • Discuss the pros and con of “travel” surgery
  • Explore the practice building potential of incorporating third molar extractions into your practice
  • Experience the management of assistants in surgical extractions 
  • Get immediate, well-informed and personal feedback on all your questions and concerns.

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