Third Molar Impaction Surgery

Shadow Surgery 

See and feel the flow of third molar impaction surgery for a day.

It’s one thing to learn how to take out impacted third molars. It’s another thing to do it efficiently, one case after another. Many dentists who are not that experienced may be stuck in time wasting habits that cut efficiency and productivity. This course allows the rare look into the heart of a “system” that is time tested to cut through common problems and streamline protocols. 

Only 1 dentist per instructor at an office may participate in this program. You will set up appointments with the instructor on a mutually convenient day. Instructors are in different parts of the country, but we can select the instructor closest to you.

What to Expect


  • You visit a surgeon for a day as he/she treats surgery patients (mostly third molars).  
  • You see the flow, the interaction with the host office, how they schedule, who does what regarding post-op problems.
  • You are privy to how they determine case selection, how and when they review radiographs, methods of sedation (if used), and how they would manage medical emergencies.
  • You observe the surgical techniques of one person (everyone varies a little within accepted standards).
  • You find out about the pre-op and post-op forms and protocols.
  • You see what instruments, equipment, and supplies are carried to the office and what the office provides.
  • You discuss the pros and cons of “travel” surgery.
  • You review the income potential of doing third molars.
  • You see how many assistants are used and who provides them.
  • You are able to ask all the questions you want and get well-informed replies.