Continuum 2

40-Hour Instructor-Supported
Online Didactic

Course Description

Continuum 2 is a self-study curriculum, 40 hours with study guides and assessments. The course materials include video presentations by Dr. Karl Koerner and KCSI instructors, professional journal articles and key chapters from Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 7th Edition
by James Hupp, Myron Tucker, Edward Ellis.

You will receive a copy of the textbook, Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 7th Edition by James Hupp, Myron Tucker, Edward Ellis when you register for Continuum 2.

  • 40 hours instructor-supported online instruction
  • Each module includes video lectures, demonstrations, discussions, reading assignments, and mastery assessments.
  • You must demonstrate knowledge from handouts and articles for all course materials.
  • A comprehensive online proctored exam will be given with a minimum passing grade of 90%.


Part I: Principles of Surgery

Chapter 1: Preoperative Health Status Evaluation
Chapter 2: Prevention and Management of Medical Emergencies
Chapter 3: Principles of Surgery
Chapter 4: Wound Repair
Chapter 5: Infection Control in Surgical Practice
Chapter 6: Pain and Anxiety Control in Surgical Practice

Part II: Principles of Exodontia

Chapter 7: Instrumentation for Basic Oral Surgery
Chapter 8: Principles of Routine Exodontia
Chapter 9: Principles of More Complex Exodontia
Chapter 10: Principles of Management of Impacted Teeth
Chapter 11: Postextraction Patient Management
Chapter 12: Medicolegal Considerations

Part III: Preposthetic and Implant Surgery

Chapter 13: Preprosthetic Surgery

Video Assignments:

  • Upper First Molar with Problems
  • Bisphosphonates
  • Excisional Biopsy

Handout Assignments:

  • Clinical and Anatomic Observations on the Relationship of the Lingual Nerve to the Mandibular Third
    Molar Region
  • Lingual Nerve: Discussion
  • Routine and Complicated Extractions: Avoiding and Managing Complications
  • Comparative Study of Effect of Single and Multiple Suture Techniques on Inflammatory Complications
    After Third Molar Surgery
  • Treatment in the Dental Practice of the Patient Receiving Anticoagulation Therapy