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Oral Surgery for General Dentists: Participate in this live web-based surgical case presentation platform designed to enhance the subjects covered in Continuum 1, 3-Day Surgical Symposium. The 30-minute, bi-weekly webinar is facilitated by Dr. Karl Koerner, Dr. Dave Roberts, and KCSI Instructors. Dentists who contribute cases to the group will be asked to present their case to the group for discussion.

30 Minutes Every 2 Weeks Can Have a Big Impact on Your Surgical Practice

We are confident that your participation in the KCSI Grand Rounds webinar forum will enhance your skills, and provide you with more tools to meet the needs and expectations of your dental patients.

  • A unique case presentation each meeting
  • Group discussion of the case with instructor input
  • Photos or video and radiographs of the cases presented

This facebook group is a collaborative forum for dentists, initiated by Dr. Karl Koerner and KCSI to discuss dental/oral surgery techniques, share experiences related to dental surgery, share cases, ask questions and receive input from their peers. This is a safe collaborative environment and the input from all dentists from those who are just starting on their journey as a dentist, to those who have achieved mastership in the science and art of surgery.

  • Free access to the forum on Facebook.
  • All members are verified dentists
  • Open, safe collaborative environment to support growth in the area of oral surgery
  • Post your questions, successes, challenges, cases, and surgery-related topics