Continuum 1

Hands-On Surgical Symposium

Course Description




This course is an intensive 2-day hands-on workshop taught by Dr. Koerner and Dr. Roberts with 8 hours of online didactic preparation. Continuum 1 includes advanced armamentarium review; surgical extractions and management of complications including sinus problems, bleeding, infection, nerve considerations and ridge preservation. Live portion includes hands-on activities using models and pig jaws.

During the live course, there will be discussion to enable participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the surgeon’s decisions at each step of the process.

A comprehensive online proctored test will be given with a minimum passing grade of 90% for the online portion.

Register now for Continuum  1: March 26-27, 2021

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Register now for Continuum  1: July 9-10, 2021

What to Expect

  • Maximum of 30 participants per session
  • Discussion and critique
  • Lecture
  • Performing many procedures on models and pigs jaws

Knowledge Areas to be Evaluated

  • Patient case selection
  • Anesthesia
  • Extraction techniques
  • Care of hard and soft tissue
  • Wound closure
  • Completing treatment and discharge

Subject Topics

  • Patient evaluations
  • Surgical extractions
  • Periotome Bur/Luxator ‘system’ for root removal
  • Managing third molar impactions
  • What to do when complications occur
  • Maxillary sinus precautions
    • Medications
    • Preventing and treating perforations
    • Getting roots out of the sinus
    • Tuberosity fractures
  • Infection control
  • Nerve injury avoidance
  • Managing nerve injuries
  • Bone grafting techniques for socket preservation
  • Oral sedation
  • Medical emergencies
  • When to refer

Supervised Hands-On Experience (Models and Pigs Jaws)

  • Flaps and suturing
    • Envelope flap
    • Triangular flap
    • Trapezoidal flap
    • Periosteal release
    • Suturing from one side of the ridge to the other
    • Continuous-lock suture
    • X-suture, horizontal and cross-horizontal mattress
    • Inverse suture
    • Reverse interrupted suture
  • Incision and drainage
  • Molar, premolar and third molar extractions
  • How to manage broken roots
  • Extractions near sinuses
  • Excision of diseased tissue
  • Proper use of surgical instruments
  • Excisional biopsy
  • Lower molar with root breaking
  • Upper molar with root breaking on the edge of the sinus
  • Multiple extractions (lower anterior) with root breaking
  • Frenectomy, canine eminence reduction, alveoplasty and alveolectomy

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