Continuum 3

3-Day Patient Treatment Course

Course Description

8 course participants in 4 operatories will be guided under the supervision of KCSI Certified Instructors OR 1-day extractions in your facility under the supervision of a KCSI practitioner.

Participants continuing in the program will continue to document 25 case histories including anteriors, canines, bicuspids, first, second and third molars and socket preservation care.

1-year consultation from KCSI instructors and board review of cases.

Details About This Course

What to Expect

  • You and 5 others in your cohort will participate in multiple extractions over 3 days.
  • You will perform extractions and assist in extractions under the supervision of a KCSI Certified Instructor.
  • Alternatively, a KCSI instructor can attend at your facility for up to 4 cases in one day (for an additional charge).
  • Facility assessment
  • Surgical oversight
  • Procedural review

Knowledge Areas to be Evaluated

  • Ability to more accurately asses case difficulty.
  • Ability to become faster at incisions, flap reflection, tooth sectioning, bone removal, and suturing.
  • Ability to prevent and/or manage common surgical complications.
  • Suturing competency.

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