Continuum 3

3-Day Patient Treatment Course

Course Description

This patient-treatment course in Nicaragua allows doctors to do many difficult, “surgical” extractions in a 3-day period.  All surgeries are done with personal instruction from experienced clinicians who enjoy teaching and sharing ideas and techniques gained from years of doing hard extractions themselves.  There will be a few cases of socket preservation.

If participants have not completed Continuum 1 (24 CE hours including 8 hours online and 16 hours hands-on with models and pigs jaws) then they will be required to watch 8 hours of surgery training (with testing) prior to going to Nicaragua.  


What to Expect

  • You and 7 of your colleagues will participate in multiple extractions over 3 days
  • You will perform extractions and assist in extractions under the supervision of a KCSI Certified Instructor
  • Facility assessment
  • Surgical oversight
  • Procedural review

Knowledge Areas to be Evaluated

  • Ability to more accurately asses case difficulty
  • Ability to become faster at incisions, flap reflection, tooth sectioning, bone removal, and suturing
  • Ability to prevent and/or manage common surgical complications
  • Suturing competency

More Information about this Course

Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction