Continuum 3

3-Day Patient Treatment Course

Course Description

This patient treatment course allows doctors to do many difficult “surgical” extractions in a 3-day period. All surgeries are done with personal instruction from experienced clinicians who enjoy teaching, sharing ideas and techniques, and that help general dentists do their cases faster, smoother, and more predictably. One clinical instructor is assigned to each operatory and two doctors assist each other.

There will be at least two socket preservation procedures. We try to work in intraosseous injections, buffering local anesthetic, and periosteal release to advance buccal flaps over bone grafts. There may be erupted and impacted third molars, exostoses, frenectomies and other procedures depending on what the patients need. However, the emphasis is on surgical extractions.

It is preferred that attendees have some experience with exodontia prior to this course. Just as a review, participants will be able to watch 8 hours of surgery training followed by an assessment before coming to the 3-day course.

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