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Koerner Center Oral Surgery Continuing Education

Oral Surgery Continuing Education

Become more proficient and faster with “surgical extractions” and other dentoalveolar surgery.  Yes, we need and appreciate dental specialists. Yet, most patients would like their dentist to perform as many procedures as possible “in-house”, especially extractions.

KCSI helps dentists quickly gain additional surgical expertise and confidence to perform patient care such as surgical extractions more safely and predictably. 

This includes using didactics, model work (Zoom and in-person), and clinical treatment of patients.

• Better case selection:
• More comfortable with incisions, flaps, sectioning, and removal of extractions that become unexpectedly difficult.
• Faster, more predictable procedures
• Avoid and/or manage complications should they happen
• Patient satisfaction
• Stay busier and provide more dental care with less overhead
• Easier to survive living with inflation
• From extractions, branch to other surgical procedures


World-Class Training & Support Systems

Surgical Extractions into Course - Online
Hands-on Surgical Extractions Course Live or Online
In-depth study of Oral Surgery Course Self-paced Didactic
Surgical Extractions Patient Treatment Course
Impacted Third Molar Hands-on with Live Patient Demo
In-Office Mentoring
KCSI Certification in Exodontia
Oral or IV Sedation through DOCS
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Modern Biologics in Dentistry

What You’ll Learn

• Surgery competence & proficiency.
• Surgical extractions.
• Socket preservation.
• Third molar extractions.
• Preventing & managing complications.

What You’ll Get

• Comprehensive 150-hour training program.
• On-demand web-based instruction.
100+ hours of hands-on & live patient instruction.
• 1-year clinical mentorship with KCSI faculty members.
• KCSI Certification in dental surgery
(Continuum 1 – 4)

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Meet the KCSI Instructors

Many general dentists cobble together their own training through attending a myriad of day and weekend courses, hoping to achieve proficiency. This method leaves holes in the educational experience and inhibits true proficiency in the art and science of dental surgery.

KCSI was founded in order to fill those holes and equips general dentists to meet the oral surgery needs of their patients with safety, efficiency and confidence. We’ve assembled a world-class team of decorated clinical instructors that lead our programs – and we can’t wait to show you the possibilities for both personal and practice growth.


Dr. Karl Koerner

Lead Instructor

Dr. David Roberts


Dr. Jordan Davis


Dr. Mikhail Mukhin


Dr. Jeffery Jensen