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5 Reasons to Participate in KCSI’s Hands-On Surgical Extraction Course

June 17, 2021 9:40 am Published by

“One of the most valuable CE courses I have taken in years”.

“I learned surgical extraction techniques that I had not learned in dental school and will now be able to better serve my patients”.

“Best “virtual hands-on” CE I’ve attended”.

surgical extraction courseWe get a lot of feedback from participants in our surgical extraction course.  Almost every dentist who has taken the course reports that it provided them with immense value. The benefits gained by dentists like you, who take KCSI’s Continuum 1: Hands-On Surgical Extractions Course share some common threads.  The five most common areas of professional growth in the area of performing surgical extractions which you can anticipate as a result of this unique program are not unique to dentists with advanced surgical training/experience.  The benefits of participating in the surgical extractions course are impactful to dentists with little experience with surgical extractions, as well as those who have been performing the treatment for years.


Why is it Important to be Good at Surgical Extractions?

The fact is, as a dentist, your patients want and expect to have most (if not all) of their dental treatment provided by you, in your office, where they feel comfortable and safe.  We have all experienced patients who neglect following through with needed treatment that has been referred out.  One reason why they do that is because they aren’t excited about having to go to another provider.  Not uncommonly, patients who have been referred out and not followed through are the ones that end up having a dental emergency over the weekend, when adequate pain relief may not be possible. Having the ability to safely, efficiently and expertly provide surgical extractions routinely in your dental practice is good for your patients (and good for your practice, too).  Having the ability to provide surgical extractions, efficiently when needed helps create happier, more satisfied patients and also expands your scope of practice to help increase your overall revenue. You are going to have to extract teeth, anyway.  Some of them will start off surgical, and some of them you don’t anticipate becoming surgical will turn into surgical extractions.  You might as well get better at surgical extractions, make them faster, easier, more predictable.  KCSI’s Continuum 1: Hands-On Surgical Extraction Course can equip you to do that.


5 Compelling Reasons to Participate in KCSI’s Surgical Extraction Course


  1. Gain the ability to provide patients with more of the dental services they want and expect from their dentist.  Your patients want their dental treatment done by you personally as often as possible.
  2. Face it- you’re going to be doing extractions, you might as well become as efficient and fast as possible. Make extractions more predictable, efficient and EASIER than ever before.
  3. Have the experience, protocols and knowledge to respond appropriately when a simple extraction turns surgical.
  4. Increase your scope of practice and retain more of the treatment you would otherwise refer out.
  5. A sound basis in surgery is the springboard to more advanced surgical treatment such as impacted third molars and placement of dental implants.


Getting better at surgical extractions starts with exceptional continuing education from Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction.  Dentists who participate in our hands-on course report that upon returning to work, they keep more treatment in-house, have more confidence with surgical extractions, and are better prepared and proficient in providing this essential treatment to their patients.


Get all the Surgical Extraction Course Details

The next Continuum 1: Hands-On Surgical Extraction course starts July 9th, 2021.  This course is hands-on using lifelike models, but it’s also FULLY ONLINE!  No need to travel.  We send you your models and materials, you supply the surgical instruments.  (Instruments and handpiece/motor rentals are availalable).  Participate in the model surgery live, using your webcam for real time instructor support and coaching.

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