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Maxillary 1st Molar Extractions: Hidden Secrets and Subtleties that Most GPs Don’t Know

April 26, 2022 12:19 pm Published by

When teaching a ”surgical extraction” course recently at a dental school in Boston, a participant asked:

“Could you give me step-by-step how to remove teeth? …the instruments, the order, the details, the subtleties… that will help me do it better and faster?”

So, that’s what I will do with this case. I am talking a D4 through this one with him doing most of it himself.

It can potentially be really hard. Different clinicians may do it slightly differently. You have 15 minutes, then you are starting to take too long. The more cases you do the faster you get. Complete the form below to download a PDF of this case study. These same techniques apply to other cases too.

These things are taught in KCSI’s Continuum 1  and Continuum 3. You can do 25 cases like this to learn things the hard way or learn them now (or be exposed to them now) and hit the ground running in the future. Good luck.


View and Download the Maxillary 1st Molar Extractions Case Study

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    This post was written by Karl R Koerner

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