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Two molar “surgical extractions” the other day.

December 11, 2021 3:59 pm Published by

Helping a student in the Oral Surgery Department at the dental school. Confirming how to use a periosteal elevator to adequately flap these teeth. 15-20 seconds each on the buccal and the lingual (or less). Elevator/forcep for 2-3 minutes – pressure not so hard that you break things.

If section, one minute to section a lower molar and a little longer on the upper since two cuts. Work the D-M cut before making the buccal cut. X-ray indicates sectioning likely on the maxillary tooth. Intraligmental and/or intraosseous anesthesia if other, more conventional methods don’t work. No buccal bone removal (except on erupted thirds). Rarely or never with 1st, 2nd molars because of possible future implants. Might use a buccal fenestration for a maxillary buccal root tip though followed by regenerative.

See pics of two views of the snowy field west of the clinic (Roseman in the background).
These things are taught for 3 days to general dentists at KCSI’s Continuum 3 in Utah (Stonehaven) in Feb. (last pic).

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