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Want to Get Better at Extractions? 3-Day Surgical Symposium Registration is Open

January 25, 2019 10:19 am Published by

An Extraction Story You Might Relate To

want to get better at extractionsYour schedule is full including half an hour for an extraction in the afternoon – a lower first molar. As you get into the procedure… first, it won’t go numb.  When it finally does, the tooth shatters with forcep pressure, roots are now broken off at the bone level, and things keep going downhill from there….  you’re struggling and the patient knows it.  So much for a half hour! Eventually you make the call to refer the patient to a surgeon who can work the patient in that afternoon. But now you’re stressed out, your team is frustrated, and you’re running way behind which carries over to the rest of the afternoon.  To top it off, your patient doesn’t have the same confidence in you as before and you feel defeated.

 The truth is, most general dentists have been there.  There has to be a way to become as smooth and proficient at surgery as you are with other procedures. The Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction has the training you need.

Surgical Extractions are a Service Your Patients Want and Expect From You

As a general dentist, you know your patients want and expect to have all their dental treatment provided by you, in the setting they are familiar with, surrounded by your team, who they are comfortable with.  When it comes to tooth extraction and basic office oral surgery, your patients expect to have this treatment available through you.  You an I know that it is not always that simple, and in order to avoid the situation described above, you refer them out.  While there will always be cases you need to refer, wouldn’t it be beneficial to your patients and your practice to have the training and skills to keep more of those patients in house? 

KCSI Has the Extraction Training You Need

The Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction was founded in order to provide general dentists complete, meaningful, comprehensive training in office oral surgery.  Thousands of dentists have received their surgical training from Dr. Karl Koerner, and practice dental surgery in their general dentistry practices with confidence and efficiency.  Now, you can receive his training through KCSI.  Our oral surgery courses are designed to carry you through 4 continuaa, upon completion of which you are certified by KCSI and have gained the knowledge, wisdom and skills you need to provide surgical treatment for your patients safely, confidently, and efficiently.  Our first continuum in the program is our 3-Day Surgical Symposium taking place on April 4,5, and 6, 2019.  The course includes comprehensive didactic instruction on topics such as

  • patient evaluation and case selection
  • advanced armamentarium
  • surgical extractions
  • impacted third molars
  • root removal
  • bone grafting and socket preservation
  • wound closure. 

KCSI takes you into the bigger picture with instruction on topics such as

  • post-operative care and discharge
  • prevention and response to medical emergencies
  • prevention/management of complications

Course participants will engage in hands-on lab experience using models and pig jaws to master procedures such as

  • flaps and suturing
  • incision & Drainage, managing diseased tissue
  • molar, pre-molar and third molar extractions
  • managing broken roots
  • extractions near sinuses
  • excisional biopsy and frenectomy

More about this course

Register Today for Continuum 1: 3-Day Surgical Symposium on April 4-6, 2019 in Dallas, Texas

Begin your journey toward mastery of basic office oral surgery by attending Continuum 1 and participating in this comprehensive surgical training course.  Dr. Koerner, along with our team of expert educators personally teaches this course.  We are confident that this program will be one of the best continuing education programs you have attended.  When you register, use code TAGD#1 to receive a 20% tuition discount, reserved for the first 20 registrants. 

We are looking forward to meeting you in April!

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