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KCSI’s Dental Implant Training Program is Basically FREE!

August 25, 2021 9:37 am Published by

FREE IMPLANTS                FREE SURGICAL KIT                          FREE COACHING

In fact, upon completion of the program, you’ll make a profit on the cost of tuition immediately when you place and restore implants on just two patients.  Your first two implants are FREE, and your surgical kit is also FREE when you order 10 implants.

KCSI has partnered with dental implant leader MIS to provide course participants with their first two implants at no cost.  In addition, each participant will receive one-on-one coaching from our instructors on their first case (via zoom) and the MIS product rep will be present in-office on the day of treatment for product support.

How do you Figure the KCSI Implant Training Program is FREE?

Tuition for each of the two-parts of our Dental Implant Training Program is $2495.  Upon completion of the program, participants will be proficient, equipped and ready to place dental implants and receive their first two implants at no cost.

 Here’s how the course pays for itself:

(note:  UCR fees for treatment vary by geography)

Cost of the FULL 2 Part Program                                                $4990

Two FREE Implants                                                                         -$480

Treatment Fee Implant 1                                                              -$1800

Treatment Fee Implant 2                                                              -$1800

Restoration Fee Implant 1                                                            -$1800

Restoration Fee Implant 2                                                           -$1800

Net Immediate Profit after first 2 cases                                 + $2690

Postpone the up-front cost of tuition with 0% interest options with PayPal Financing


This CE is Actionable- You WILL be Confident to Place Implants

No Other Dental Implant Program Provides Personal Instructor Support on Your First Cases

This implant course is basically freeDentists tell us the same story, over and over again.  They have taken excellent dental implant courses and gone through training, purchased all the equipment and hardware, only to come out feeling ill-equipped to dive in and actually place dental implants on their patients.  The result is lots of education, but none of it actionable.  There needs to be a bridge between learning and doing.  KCSI aims to build that bridge.  We provide continuing education with hands-on experience, assessment of retention, and instructor access that doesn’t end after the course is over.  Our participants can collaborate with instructors via zoom to plan and execute their first implant treatment plans.  We will work with each course participant to ensure that the implant product representative is present on the day of surgery to provide product support.  Starting with a sound basis in basic office oral surgery and surgical extractions ensures that dentists are equipped to advance into dental implant surgery.   Our Introduction to Surgical Extractions course provides the missing link that so many dental implant courses overlook. Armed with basic surgical proficiency, course participants leave the program confident with advancing into dental implant placement.

KCSI teaches general dentists to choose the cases that are appropriate for their skill level, become proficient in the clinical and medical/surgical protocols required to be successful, anticipate and be able to appropriately manage complications, and master the more straightforward dental implant cases that present in their practice.  One important part of implant success involves recognizing the cases that are right for you vs. the cases you should continue to refer out.  About 70% of dental implant patients are for single site tooth replacement.  Most of these cases can be done by the average general dentist with the right training and support.

What’s In The Dental Implant Program?

KCSI’s Dental Implant Program is made up of 3 components totaling 40 hours of surgical instruction and hands-on the most actionable implant course in the USexperience.  The first part is designed to provide education and experience in basic oral surgery- surgical extractions and related procedures.  The second step focuses on treatment planning and surgical placement of dental implants, and the last part focuses on restoring the implants for health, function and aesthetics.

Once a general dentist is good at “surgical extractions” he or she can become good at placing bone grafts and implants. Placing implants without that critical foundation compromises implant treatment.

Dr. Koerner and colleagues make sure your basic surgery skills are up to speed first, then you are ready for implant diagnosis, treatment planning, ridge regeneration, implant placement, and restorative. For this reason, this course requires Introduction to Surgical Extractions (included in the full program tuition) prior to the implant instruction courses.

This is a basic implant course where you will learn to excel in case selection, diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical techniques. The focus is limited to equipping you for proficiency in single-site posterior implants that can be done immediately and with confidence. Keeping this focus ensures that your training is not thinned out and diluted by wasting time on things you are not ready for, or will never do.

You hit the ground running with a solid comfort level, and with mentors who will discuss your cases with you on Zoom after the course. Join our webinars to interact with KCSI , receive personal coaching from instructors, and continue to learn as you expand your scope into placing and restoring implants.

Program Description

  • KCSI’s Introduction to Surgical Extractions (Online webinar; included with full program)
  • Implants Part 1: Patient selection, diagnose, treatment plan, and implant placement session.
    • Designed to help you differentiate between easy and hard cases to allow you to begin with the easier ones. Learn how to “build” the ridge” for easier future implant cases. 2 hours online required before the 14 hours with hands-on model work.
  • Implants Part 2: The precision restoration session. Every detail is planned even from the beginning and then, working with your lab is where everything culminates to provide a prosthesis that is durable and esthetic because it was planned and executed well.2 hours online required before the 14 hours with hands-on model work.
  • Follow up support after the course is key. Join webinars and engage in personal instructor support in planning and executing your initial cases.

Learn more about the KCSI Dental Implant Program here.  Registration is open, and filling fast.  Take advantage now to receive your FREE implants, FREE implant kit and personal support after the course.


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