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The Top 5 Instruments You Need in Your Dental Extractions Practice- Free Course for Dentists

January 15, 2019 4:41 pm Published by

minicryer extraction instrumentSome dentists do a lot of surgical extractions in their practice.  After a couple of decades of experience, you can imagine that they would have picked up a few handy tips and tricks to help make tooth extractions go smoothly. Two of our resident experts, Dr. Karl Koerner and Dr. Jordan Davis, have performed many thousands of surgical extractions during their careers, so you can imagine they might have some excellent tips for general dentists about surgical instruments that can make the job easier. 

Dr. Koerner and Dr. Davis compiled their top 5 list for dental instruments that make tooth extractions more efficient, more predictable, and more fun to manage.  The pair thought their list of faves could be useful to other dentists who are interested in streamlining this procedure in their own practices.  They went ahead and created a one hour dental CE course devoted to highlighting some of their favorite instruments, demonstrating their uses, and discussing some of the challenges dentists face, particularly with more difficult extractions.

Fans and friends of KCSI can register for this FREE one-hour online course and learn about what instruments these pros could live without, but don’t want to, as well as some of the best ways to use them for surgical extractions.  Feed your curiosity and earn a free hour of CE through our PACE approved program by registering here for this short, but useful course. 




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