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Third Molar Impaction Surgery Course- Online & Hands-On

February 3, 2021 10:02 am Published by

Third Molar Course Provides Practical, Comprehensive Instruction Which Yields Immediately Applicable Results

When it comes to impacted third molar surgery, predictability and efficiency are two important factors.  Dr. Karl Koerner and Dr. Dave Roberts know that in order to achieve these measures for consistency, it’s about more than just instruments and technique.  KCSI’s Third Molar Impaction Surgery Course begins with the end in mind, establishing a solid foundation that equips general dentists to select the right cases, use proven techniques to achieve predictable outcomes, and prevent or respond to complications effectively in order to make impacted third molar extractions easier, more predictable and more efficient.

KCSI’s Impacted Third Molar Course provides practical, applicable instruction, reinforced with hands-on model work, which focuses on teaching the necessary preparation, case evaluation, surgical techniques, and clinical aptitudes necessary to consistently succeed with impacted third molar surgery.  This course focuses on teaching what you need to know, and what you will actually use in clinical practice, rather than presenting complicated cases and techniques that you would be wise to refer out anyway.

This hands-on third molar course is unique in format, beginning with a series of three two-hour live webinar courses, and culminating in 8 hours of hands-on instruction using lifelike models.  The hands-on portion can be done either in person in Dallas, TX, or online via Zoom. No travel is required to participate in this course.  Your webcam ensures that your work will be coached and critiqued by the instructors in real-time.  The small class size ensures excellent instructor access and personal attention.

Learn More about KCSI’s Third Molar Impaction Course on February 23, 24,25 and 27

If you’ve been looking for an impacted third molar course, KCSI’s 14-hour course is arguably the best place to start.  Participants of KCSI’s surgery courses report that their confidence in performing extractions increased significantly after taking our course.  Check out this survey of extraction course participant’s confidence with a first molar extraction before the course vs. after the course.

Course Participant Confidence Level Increases Dramatically- Survey Result

most students would do this extraction after taking the course

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