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5 Best Oral Surgery Courses for General Dentists

March 23, 2021 10:59 am Published by

Dental patients want and expect to have most of their dental work performed by their primary general dentist.  They trust you, and are most comfortable under your care.  Meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of your patients by expertly providing a wide scope of dental services helps foster loyalty and patient satisfaction in your practice.  Engaging in practical, high-quality continuing education with Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction can help you meet your patient’s oral surgery needs with confidence, efficiency and safety.

When it comes to providing oral surgery services in the general dental setting, Koerner Center offers an exceptional array of courses designed for dentists of all levels of experience.  Here is a list of our top 5 oral surgery courses, starting with introductory courses, through more advanced education in more complex surgical techniques.

#1- Surgical Introductory Course

If you are looking for the place to start, when it comes to surgical extractions CE, KCSI’s Surgical Introductory Course is it.  This 7.5 hour online program provides the basis for mastering surgical extractions in the general dental office.  It is the lead-in to the KCSI certification program.  Covering important topics such as patient selection and evaluation, armamentarium, and prevention/response to complications, this program provides important foundations for advancing from simple to surgical extractions.  Presenting didactic instruction, techniques and best practices for a variety of scenarios including flaps and suturing, surgical root removal, sectioning molars, socket preservation grafting and more, participants gain a valuable clinical foundation that can be built upon in subsequent programs.  Click through for details on the Surgical Introductory Course.

#2- Continuum 1: Hands-On Surgical Extractions

Ready for some hands-on instruction?  KCSI’s flagship course Hands-On Surgical Extractions course (Continuum 1) is our most popular course for good reason.  Participants attest that upon course completion, they are more confident in performing surgical extractions in most scenarios. The course combines self-paced online didactic instruction with live online model work.  This 22 hour program is designed to provide general dentists with the knowledge, techniques and protocols to efficiently, effectively and safely perform surgical extractions and related procedures with expertise and confidence.  Working from your home or office, participants will utilize specific techniques together with the course instructors in real time via the internet.  Using your webcam, your work will be evaluated and coached throughout the program. Dig deeper into surgical extractions, moderately impacted third molars, maxillary sinus protocols, retained root tip removal, multiple extractions and more.  While this program was available as an online-only course during COVID-19, we do expect to offer it live and in-person again in mid 2021. The course will remain available in the online platform as well. Click through for details on the Continuum 1: Hands-On Surgical Extractions course.

#3- Continuum 3: Surgical Extractions Patient Treatment Course

Once you’ve completed KCSI’s Continuum 1and self-paced didactic Continuum 2 programs, you will want to work with patients in a clinical setting.  Continuum 3: Surgical Extractions Patient Treatment Course is the best place to put your training into action, working together with our instructors in a live clinical setting.  Taking place at the Washington AGD Educational Center in SeaTac, Washington, this program provides 3 days of clinical instruction with local patients.  This is an in-depth, hands-on experience with “surgical extractions” and related other dentoalveolar procedures. Guaranteed to increase your comfort level. Cases treated will be according to the needs of local patients. This patient treatment course allows doctors to do many difficult, “surgical” extractions. All surgeries are done with personal instruction from experienced clinicians who enjoy teaching and sharing ideas and techniques gained from years of doing hard extractions themselves. There will be a few cases of socket preservation. Class size is extremely limited in order to ensure close instructor interaction.  Click through for details on the Continuum 3: Surgical Extractions Patient Treatment Course

#4- Third Molar Impaction Surgery Course

third molar impaction course patient demonstrationThis 14 hour course provides 8 hours of hands-on model work in addition to 6 hours of didactic instruction.  Begin with a series of 2 hour online didactic programs leading up to the full day of hands-on experience.  You can choose to participate in the hands-on portion live and in person, or online from your home or office.  The program covers topics including surgical armentarium, case selection and treatment planning, and protocols and techniques for surgical removal of impacted third molars of various positions and prevention/management of complications. You will perform several procedures on life-like dentoform models. The mandibular model surgery will include a mesioangular, horizontal, distoangular and a vertical impaction with a coronectomy. The maxillary model surgery will include both a vertical and a mesioangular impaction. Click through for details on our Third Molar Impaction Surgery Course.


#5- Implantology 1: Diagnosis, TX Planning, and Placement on Life-like Models

Nearly all general dentists restore implants and many would like to place the easier implants, like those in the posterior, single implants (about 70% of them), and those without serious esthetic challenges. This course enables general dentists to identify or help create sites with sufficient bone, establish an appropriate treatment plan, place implants optimally for a good prosthetic outcome, and then successfully restore it – while applying established evidence-based surgical and restorative protocols.  This 18 hour course provides 4 hours of online, on-demand instruction presented in full-motion, high-definition video emulating the classroom experience combined with 14 hours hands-on, interactive sessions practicing procedures on lifelike dentiform models, under the supervision of Koerner Center instructors.  The objectives of this program are to equip dentists to 1) select patients with the conditions and characteristics that would lead to a straightforward case. 2) Treatment plan with the ideal restorative outcome in mind. 3) If necessary, enhance osseous and/or soft tissue contours. 4) Using modern and appropriate diagnostic technology, place an implant in the correct position. 5) Differentiate as to 1 vs. 2 stage or immediate placement and whether immediate provisioning or space maintenance comes into play and treat accordingly. Click through for more information about Implantology1.

Find the Oral Surgery Course You Need Now

Wherever you are in your dentistry career, there is always room for high-quality, world-class continuing education.  KCSI is proud to be a trusted source for oral surgery continuing education for general dentists.  Founded by Dr. Karl Koerner, KCSI was created in order to empower dentists to better meet the needs of their patients, and to pick up where traditional dental education leaves off. He is called to provide dentists with comprehensive, practical and actionable training in one of the most fundamental areas of dentistry.  Having spent decades in practice, and teaching oral surgery for just as long, Dr. Koerner is one of dentistry’s most relied upon educators in this area.  Dr. Koerner, along with a hand-selected team of dental educators, provides exceptional oral surgery continuing education for general dentists around the world.  Join us at one of the courses described in this article to take advantage of the resources available through KCSI.  We are looking forward to meeting you at our next course!

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