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Sectioning Maxillary First Molars

July 16, 2019 10:24 am Published by

Has this scenario ever played out in your dental practice? Your schedule is full including half an hour for an extraction in the afternoon – an upper first molar. As you get into the procedure… first, it won’t go numb.  When it finally does, the tooth shatters with forcep pressure, roots are now broken off at the bone level, and things keep going downhill from there….  you’re struggling and the patient knows it.  So much for a half hour! Eventually you make the call to refer the patient to a surgeon who can work the patient in that afternoon. But now you’re stressed out, your team is frustrated, and you’re running way behind which carries over to the rest of the afternoon.  To top it off, your patient doesn’t have the same confidence in you as before and you feel defeated.  The truth is, most general dentists have been there.  There has to be a way to become as smooth and proficient at surgery as you are with other procedures.

The goal and mission of Dr. Karl Koerner, and the Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction is to equip more general dentists with the wisdom, skills and experience to tackle these tougher cases head on, and prevail over surgical extractions with more efficiency, predictability and ease. Our hands-on surgical symposium is the start of the comprehensive KCSI certification program that progresses through four continua with hands-on model and pig jaw labs, extensive online self-paced CE, live patient courses and ultimately certification through board review. For more information about KCSI, click here.

Watch this excerpt from our Continuum 1: Surgical Symposium

Watch Now: Sectioning Maxillary First Molars

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