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Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction- Featured Courses

April 7, 2022 2:57 pm Published by

Featured Courses

  • Continuum 1: Surgical Extractions on Models

  • Continuum 3: Live-Patient Surgical Extractions

  • Continuum 4: Third Molar Impaction Surgery

  • Low-Risk, High Yield Exosome Therapy in Dentistry

Courses by Karl Koerner, DDS, MS (and associates).

Here is a brief synopsis of each course.
Continuum 1. Surgical Extractions Model Course: 14 hours
plus 8 hours online pre-requisite. Zoom or in-person.

Teeth may look easy but start to be difficult and take too much time. What do you do?
This course covers flaps, sectioning, faster suturing, and avoiding/managing
complications. It includes the “essentials” of third molars, socket grafting, alveoloplasty.
what to do with sinus perforations, how to more precisely use the best instruments, etc.
You use life-like models to actually DO the procedures discussed.

Continuum 3: 3-Day Live-Patient Surgical Extractions

You easily get a state license and liability insurance in Utah. You
and a partner work with an experienced instructor doing nonstop
surgical extractions (and some third molar cases) all day
for three days. Usually working through lunch to not waste time,
you become faster and more confident. Also, you experience
socket grafting, steroid administration, better sutures, buffering
local anesthetic, and much more.



Continuum 4: Third Molar Impaction Surgery

Don’t lose “work week” time. Two 3-hour webinars on Wednesday
and Thursday nights on Zoom. (Recorded in case you miss one.)
Then all day Saturday in-person in Dallas or on Zoom doing 6
impactions on 3 models, discussing case selection and how to do
cases. Towards the end, the instructor (Dr. Dave Roberts) does live
treatment on one or more patients videoed close-up and streaming.
Two instructors on Saturday for more personalized instruction.



Low-Risk, High Yield Exosome Therapy in Dentistry

See a 1-hour free introductory presentation of our
website on stem cells and exosomes. Then if you want,
take our one-day (7 hour) in-person course in California
that includes patient treatment.
Exosomes are extra-cellular vesicles or particles
derived from stem cells. They are signaling and
differentiating molecules that create pathways for
communication between cells to reduce inflammation
and promote healing. The live-birth, quality controlled, and parent-approved umbilical
cord stem cell-derived exosomes are processed in a FDA regulated lab and allowed by
the FDA to be used by licensed doctors in clinical trials.
Exosomes are almost equally as effective as stem cells therapeutically, less
expensive for the same effect, have fewer possible reactions on injection, and are less
painful to receive. Learn more about them to serve patients better.

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