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The Dental Implant Training Course Wish List- 10 Key Factors That Make KCSI’s Program One of the Best

December 1, 2022 9:24 am Published by

There are a lot of dental implant training programs available, so what makes KCSI’s 5-part training program stand out?  When developing this program with Dr. Barry Hillam, Dr. Koerner considered ‘What would have helped me the most when I was just starting out with dental implants?‘.  The answer to that question drove the development of a state-of-the-art program designed to equip general dentists to identify appropriate candidates for treatment and develop practical treatment plans, carry out surgical procedures with expertise, prevention and avoidance of complications, and production of ideal patient outcomes from extraction to implant placement to crown.

The Dental Implant Training Program Developed Specifically for General Dentists

KCSI’s Entry Point™ Continuum is a 5-Part program that offers comprehensive didactic, sim-lab activities and live patient treatment in the state-of-the-art facilities at Roseman University College of Dental Medicine.  Headed by Dr. Barry Hillam, the program equips dentists to place dental implants in their own office by the end of the second session.  Dr. Hillam is one of the nation’s leading experts on dental implant instruction and has taught for many of the larger dental implant companies for more than 10 years.

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Dr. Koerner’s Top 10 Resources for the Perfect Dental Implant Course

When considering what the perfect dental implant course would have been for him starting out, Dr. Koerner came up with a list of components and resources that would have made it far easier for him to get started with implantology.  He designed KCSI’s Entry Point™ Continuum to provide all of these components within the program.

1.  Have a passionate, experienced and born teacher as the program’s clinical director.  Dr. Barry Hillam is all of that and more.

2.  Have a modern facility with SimLabs and patient treatment clinic, located in the United States.  Roseman University offers one of the best.  KCSI’s program is one of the only live patient treatment programs that does NOT require international travel.

3.  Start with surgery basics.  Ensure students are proficient with atraumatic surgical extractions and related procedures, have depth of knowledge to prevent and respond appropriately to complications.

4.  Create incredible value for program participants.  Those who register for the full 5-part dental implant program receive FREE tuition for the program prerequisite Continuum 1 (22 CDE’s).  A reduced tuition is available to participants who register for the full program.  Participants can choose to do each component separately if desired.

5.  Make tuition accessible for more dentists by offering student loans through Sallie Mae.

6.  Make the 110 CDE credit program both PACE and CERP approved.

7.  Partner with a leading dental implant company (BlueSky Bio) to offer program participants FREE access to state-of-the-art software for planning treatment.

8.  Partner with a leading dental implant company (BlueSky Bio) to offer participants affordable dental implants, equipment and supplies.

9.  Make sure the process for obtaining a license for the live patient sessions is simple, efficient and easy.

10.  Ensure that all program participants receive comprehensive clinical instruction, hands-on and real-life experience to equip them to translate their skills directly into their daily practice.

This is the Dental Implant Training Program for You

If you’ve read this far, and agree that Dr. Koerner’s Top 10 List of dental implant training program key provisions sounds great, then get in touch with one of our dedicated advisors today to start taking control of your income potential, gaining confidence and expertise in implantology, and get registered for the program.  We have removed all obstacles through our student loan option and US-based patient treatment clinic.  All that is left is your commitment to be the best implant dentist you can be.

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